Printed Leather

Keleen Leathers Printed Leather Capabilities

Keleen Leathers' Printed Leather, Custom Design
Keleen Leathers’ Printed Leather, Custom Design

Printed leather was first introduced through our KLAD program. Our luxury leather walls “Flowers”, “Tattoo”, “Tumbling Dice”, and “KL” all feature print technology which allow gradient, text, and images to show down to their finest details.

UV Curable Printing Technology

  • 6 color printing at 1440 DPI resolution
    Variable-dot ink technology for enhanced image quality
    Ultra-violet ink curing for instant drying of ink
    Weather resistant and scratch resistant ink sets
    Environmentally friendly printing technology
    Minimal off-gassing of VOC’s
    Printer table exceeds the size of a hide so we can print on
    large leather panels

KLAD? Printed Leather Wall Designs